Agrisource Data Announces the Launch of FuelTrack™ Version 2

Atlanta, GA – 8/8/17  Agrisource Data is excited to announce the launch of FuelTrack™ Version 2, a fuel monitoring sensor that helps clients accurately monitor fuel tank levels remotely.

This new version is available using any of three (3) different communications protocols:  RPMA, LoRa, or cellular.

FuelTrack™ Version 2 launches August 15, 2017.

This new version of FuelTrack™ works in conjunction with the many different sensors and data sources from Agrisource Data, such as IntelliRoot™ for soil moisture monitoring, and IntelliFlood™ for canal and surface water monitoring, IntelliRice™ for managing irrigation for rice-fields, and the newly released H2OTrack™ for tracking water levels in wells and the WxTrack™ micro-weather station, satellite, drone and aerial imagery. These combined with the Agrisource Data multi-layer analytics platform provide a complete picture and allow for the orchestrated management of water, nutrients and pest management for the agriculture industry.

Ben Worley, Agrisource Data CEO, says of FuelTrack™ Version 2, “Reducing expenses is important for all businesses. By better managing when and how much re-fueling is required of tanks across the many acres of a farm, most clients are seeing immediate savings.  This is one of those things that has immediate payback.”

About Agrisource Data: Leveraging the latest advances in science and technology, including Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and cloud-based communication protocols that accelerate data collection and multi-layer analysis across the entire precision agriculture seed-to-shelf spectrum, Agrisource Data delivers the most complete solution in the market for meeting the challenge of global food production.


Media Contact:
Brad Green, Director of Operations
Agrisource Data, LLC

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