Agrisource Data Announces the Launch of IntelliRoot™ Version 3

Atlanta, GA – 7/5/17 – Agrisource Data is excited to announce the launch of IntelliRoot™ Version 3, their award-winning, real-time, soil moisture monitoring sensor that helps clients accurately monitor irrigation.

This new version has 3 different sensing levels including 4-6”, 8-12”, and 18-24”.  In addition, this remote sensor is available using any of three (3) different communications protocols:  RPMA, LoRa, or cellular.

IntelliRoot™ Version 3 launches on July 11, 2017.

This new version of IntelliRoot™ adds soil surface temperature and works in conjunction with the many different sensors and data sources from Agrisource Data, such as IntelliFlood™ for canal and surface water monitoring, IntelliRice™ for managing irrigation for rice-fields, and the newly released H2OTrack™ for tracking water levels in wells and the WxTrack™ micro-weather station, satellite, drone and aerial imagery. These combined with the Agrisource Data multi-layer analytics platform provide a complete picture and allow the orchestrated management of water, nutrients and pest management for the agriculture industry.

According to Agrisource Data CEO Ben Worley, “As companies want to use the many different types of water sources, whether surface or canal water, fresh-water wells, and rainfall, to help improve crop yield, they required a better way to have their soil moisture sensors work with a multitude of different other sensors and data inputs in order maximize the effectiveness of water.”

About Agrisource Data: Leveraging the latest advances in science and technology, including Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and cloud-based communication protocols that accelerate data collection and multi-layer analysis across the entire precision agriculture seed-to-shelf spectrum, Agrisource Data delivers the most complete solution in the market for meeting the challenge of global food production.


Media Contact:
Brad Green, Director of Operations
Agrisource Data, LLC

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