Controlled Pollination for Genetic Purity

While palm oil production continues to be a vocal issue amongst many environmentalist groups, market demand and the critical role oil palm plantations and small-holder tracts play in local economies necessitate continual growth in production. To help improve yields without promoting unnecessary expansion, many progressive producers have begun utilizing higher quality seeds genetically pre-disposed to promote greater yield per hectare.

Ensuring genetic purity is the responsibility of the seed breeder and requires careful attention to the pollination process through monitoring of environmental variables and manual control. Current methods of controlled pollination require a visual inspection to determine suitability for pollination. This typically requires a worker climbing a tree or ladder to inspect the inflorescence. This is costly, dangerous and inefficient. With very short pollination windows of only 36-48 hours (depending on species), it is easy to miss these windows of opportunity for manual pollination.

The CanopyTrack™ Sensor

The CanopyTrack system monitors the state of the inflorescence remotely, notifying the farm manager when each monitored tree is ready for pollination. More accurate than the subjective nature of visual inspection, the CanopyTrack system greatly decreases the chance of missed windows and allows a manager to be more efficient in the allocation of labor.

Measurements are taken every two hours within high quality pollination bags and alerts are sent through our intuitive cloud-based platform as well as through SMS text or email to notify the appropriate person that a tree has entered its pollination window. Utilizing powerful RPMA communication technology, CanopyTrack delivers where other systems simply can’t.

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