Purifying Poultry Water

One of the core principals of poultry health is ensuring an adequate supply of clean water. This simple measure can play an immensely critical role in the overall health of the bird and help improve resistance to disease, fatigue, and encourage greater growth. While many options exist to filter water, each is limited in what it can actually do to improve quality. A revolutionary new media has been invented that inexpensively purifies water used for crop and livestock production resulting in dramatic gains.

The ClairifyPoultry™ Sensor

Clairify™ disinfection media works by attracting electrons at a high rate from passing microorganisms in the water. As bacteria and viruses come into direct contact with Clairify™, the electrons inside the pathogens are instantly attracted by the quantum-charged Clairify™ surface. This charge and surface attraction of the microorganism’s electrons causes the entire structure to collapse on a molecular scale, with the electrons transferring immediately to the Clairify™ surface. By removing 99.999% of these microorganisms before they reach your birds, the digestive and overall health of the flock can be significantly improved resulting in a lower mortality rate and increased average weight per bird.

The better the water, the better the poultry.
We have a very easy way to drive a 6% improvement in feed-to-weight ratio and an 8% increase in revenue. Ask us how.

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