Real-Time Fuel Monitoring

Managing a large inventory of fuel over a geographic area can be a significant challenge for any organization. Poor management practices can cost an organization thousands annually and systems for monitoring this complex ecosystem are complicated  and expensive. The FuelTrack system from Agrisource Data makes managing fuel inventories across remote locations simple and affordable. Keep track of fuel levels across your holdings from the convenience of your laptop, tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world. Real-time alerts can send text or email messages directly to the manager responsible for maintaining the tanks when fuel levels reach a predefined threshold. Or they can alert you when fuel is being used at a faster than expected rate to help identify possible theft.

The FuelTrack™ Sensor

The FuelTrack system uses an industrial grade hydrostatic pressure transducer to provide rugged, durable fuel monitoring in even the most remote of locations. Utilizing the RPMA communication network by Ingenu, FuelTrack provides long-range, low power backhaul capabilities for much less than traditional cellular options. The easy-to-use data visualization platform that accompanies FuelTrack makes monitoring large numbers of tanks simple and intuitive, requiring virtually no training to use.

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