Canal Monitoring

The vast majority of irrigated farmland in the world relies on flood or furrow irrigation. Used for thousands of years, this technique is proven to work. But often, the great majority of water is not utilized by the crop. Knowing how much water is needed is a critical component to efficient flood irrigation. The IntelliFlood irrigation canal monitoring system provides near-real time water levels throughout an irrigation canal network keeping irrigation managers informed and sends notifications if water levels exceed minimum or maximum levels.

The IntelliFlood™ Sensor

The systems are generally deployed near canal gates to help managers know when to open and close gates to allow the right amount of water to the right block at the right time. Water levels are measured at regular intervals and communicated wirelessly through a secure cloud-based system. They are then displayed on an intuitive data portal so irrigation managers can see all their water resources and make the most informed decisions to maximize water efficiency across the irrigation system.

The IntelliFlood system is fully interoperable with the complete line of smart farm products by Agrisource Data. The IntelliFlood system is built to work on the RPMA network globally. All components are ruggedized for prolonged deployment in the typical agricultural environment. The system was built to operate in both running and still water.

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