Proper Water Management Can Impact Yield More than Any Other Variable

Globally, irrigated farms account for less than 20% of total farmland but produce more than 40% of global crop output. The problem is that most farms that utilize irrigation, over-irrigate by 30% or more leading to wasted water, energy and negative environmental impact. Too little water can destroy yield and make crops more susceptible to disease and pests. While too much water can inhibit yield and foster fungal growth that is expensive to treat. Getting the right amount of water at the right time is critical to optimal crop production. The Intelliroot system provides an affordable, easy to use way to remotely monitor the subsurface moisture levels that results in prescriptive analysis to inform irrigation decisions before they need to be made.

The Intelliroot™ Sensor

Simple, rugged, and affordable, the Intelliroot sensor installs in just minutes, with no need for complex wiring or power. Once installed, the sensor transmits soil temp and moisture data from multiple depths, every two hours.

Easy to Install & Calibrate

After a simple installation, Intelliroot measures moisture levels within the soil at regular intervals and communicates the data wirelessly through a secure cloud-based system. The measurements are made at multiple depths to ensure irrigation managers see water available at the root zone. Moisture levels are then displayed on an intuitive data portal so irrigation managers can see all of the water needs under their responsibility and make the most informed decisions to maximize water efficiency across the field. Each sensor is calibrated to specific soil and crop types and accounts for growth stage to make optimal recommendations. The Intelliroot system is fully interoperable with the complete line of smart farm products by Agrisource Data.

We find the average farmer can save 30% of their water usage and still achieve the same results.
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