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In order to meet the very real challenge of ensuring adequate food and water for a global population expected to reach 10 Billion by 2050, the world’s agricultural practices must change, and change fast. Previous attempts at leveraging isolated field-level data and technology to predict and ensure optimal yields have failed – proving that point solutions are not the answer. Agrisource Data takes a more holistic approach and delivers solutions to improve insight and efficiencies at all points in the agricultural lifecycle.

Leveraging the latest advances in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning technology, our comprehensive data solutions deliver customized views of weather, soil moisture, water purity, irrigation, asset maintenance, labor, transportation, and commodity pricing for an end-to-end visualization of the entire agricultural value chain. With integrated, intuitive workflows powered by our robust analytics platform and delivered across proven, cost-efficient communication protocols, Agrisource Data delivers the most complete solution in the market for meeting the challenge of global food production.

Knowing exactly when and where to take the right actions is the definition of ‘precision ag.’
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At the beginning of the seed-to-shelf process, our in-ground sensors monitor soil moisture & temperature and provide real-time alerts when available water is low, along with long-term trend analysis to improve overall irrigation management practices. In-field IoT devices monitor water flow, energy, and fuel usage and provide insight into water usage trends and issue real-time alerts for usage, leaks, damage, and theft. Pest detection and acute crop stress are also monitored and alerted to allow rapid, precise response to prevent loss.

Multi-spectral satellite imagery identifies weather and environmental impacts, highlights potential regional and national areas of concern, monitors trends in crop health, and alerts producers and growers to potential crop stressors to ensure optimal production. Our ongoing consulting services include soil and tissue sampling, fertilizer recommendations through nutrient and pH analysis, and insect management recommendations to ensure appropriate chemical application.

As harvest approaches, our system estimates site-specific yield & optimal harvest timing for comparison with contract fulfillment requirements and current commodity pricing, and delivers full-season input costs for early identification of harvest profitability.

Processing, Packaging, and Distribution

Safeguarding output post-harvest is just as critical. In addition to estimating transport, process, and storage needs, in order to protect food quality and safety, Agrisource Data solutions monitor temperature throughout the cold chain environment, providing continual freshness data for informed logistics decisions and issues alerts when optimal temperature and humidity levels are not maintained to ensure highest freshness at export.

Real-time shipment and location tracking provides unparalleled traceability for food origin requirements and our automated hyperspectral imaging inspection automatically removes tainted produce prior to export, preserving food safety and reputation.

Geo-tracking security and light sensors protect produce from contamination and theft, ensuring both quality and quantity levels are consistently met.



  • Improve productivity
  • Decrease input costs
  • Increase profitability & economic independence
  • Mitigate risk
  • Effectively deploy resources for infrastructure, education, and training
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  • Improve yield and resource efficiency
  • Increase acceptance rate for export crops
  • Improve traceability for high value crops
  • Eliminate logistics inefficiencies
  • Minimize loss in storage/transit
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  • Improve regional and national agricultural output
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Increase food & water security
  • Improve global image as leader in sustainability and innovation
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How one Washington State Vineyard leveraged Agrisource Data to increase brix count and elevate varietal value by 30%.

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