Multi-Layer Inputs for Comprehensive Insight

Our AgClarity™ analytics platform tackles the problem of global food production and water use efficiency by providing strategic agriculture stakeholders with the tools they need to make informed decisions regarding investments in technology, infrastructure, and training to improve agricultural production and resource efficiency on a large scale. By combining multi-source field-level data, securely stored in the cloud, with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’re able to produce a comprehensive assessment of best and worst Ag management practices across a geographic region. Armed with this information, officials in government or enterprise farm management teams can optimize water, electricity, nutrient, chemical, and fuel usage, increase yield, revenue, and brand value, and accurately assess what investments should be made to improve output.

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Visualization of Actionable Data

We believe that for data to be effective, it has to be both simple and complete. So in addition to our end-to-end data collectors, we’ve created the most intuitive user interface to display your data and help you make the right decisions. Whether you’re using soil moisture sensors, crop-monitoring devices, satellites or drones, being able to quickly and easily visualize what’s happening within your operations is critical to optimizing productivity and yield.


Understand conditions at a glance

See the current condition of each and every zone in your field by utilizing our intuitive color-coded maps which display near-real time status in a simple red, yellow, green and blue color scheme. Having access to the most timely data is critical to making good irrigation choices.


Critical insight when you need it

See not only current soil moisture and temperature levels, but simultaneously compare current conditions with weather forecasts to make the best water management decisions.


So much more than soil moisture

Add additional data layers such as current satellite or drone imaging for different aspects of crop health monitoring to see your fields in a whole new light.

Knowing exactly when and where to take the right actions is the definition of ‘precision ag.’
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Accurate, Multi-layer Insights
Wherever You Are

By integrating our line of agriculture specific sensors and intelligent data collection devices and combining them with hundreds of other data inputs, including satellite and drone imagery, Agrisource Data software modules solve specific agriculture and business problems – such as increasing brix in grape and sugar cane crops, optimizing irrigation scheduling for water sustainability, and deliver advanced analytics that predict harvest yield and schedules with tremendous accuracy.

A simple color-coded visualization of field conditions broken down by distinct zones helps you see at a glance whatʼs happening in your field at any given time. Detailed data is available in table or graph format for a more intensive look at conditions in each zone and forecasted weather is displayed to help you easily incorporate predicted environmental factors. All of this data is easily accessible via our web portal or on your mobile smart devices.


The application of water, nutrients and other inputs has a significant impact to the overall health and well-being of a crop. Putting the right resource on the right place at the right time can have a dramatic effect on both yield quantity and quality. By combining near-real time data from soil moisture sensors, weather stations, in-field and satellite imagery, the platform can deliver recommendations related to crop health such as water or nutrient application as well as identification of other stress factors like disease, pests, or fungus. By getting these management decisions right, a producer can increase yield and uniformity across the operation.


Studies have shown that certain management techniques such as deficit irrigation can allow producers to impact, often dramatically, plant qualities to include brix. The challenge with these complex techniques is the proper execution while mitigating the risk of negative impact to yield. By deploying a dense network of soil moisture sensors, weather stations and compiling ongoing remote sensing data, the platform can help producers confidently apply deficit irrigation to reach optimal brix through automated messaging at the upper and lower limits of water availability customized for that plant.

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