Multi-Layer Inputs for Comprehensive Insight

By integrating our line of agriculture specific sensors and intelligent data collection devices and combining them with hundreds of other data inputs, including satellite and drone imagery, Agrisource Data software modules solve specific agriculture and business problems – such as increasing brix in grape and sugar cane crops, optimizing irrigation scheduling for water sustainability, and deliver advanced analytics that predict harvest yield and schedules with tremendous accuracy.

We find the average farmer can save 30% of their water usage and still achieve the same results.
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Track canal water levels network to ensure you have enough water when and where you need it.

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Improve yield and resource efficiency through smart management of a staple for more than half the world’s population.

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Getting irrigation right is half the battle… not getting it wrong is the other half. Irrigation decisions driven by real data.

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Ensuring genetic purity in breeding can make all the difference in seed value. Get the most out of your controlled pollination.

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Simple, affordable, real-time fuel inventory management to protect against work stoppages and theft.

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Track water availability from aquifers as a critical component of any water management plan.

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Accurate, affordable, hyper-local weather data is an invaluable component of a comprehensive water management plan.

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Purify poultry water to improve resistance to disease, fatigue, and encourage greater growth.

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Breakthrough disinfectant technology for healthy, balanced, bacteria-free water. Shown to increase plant growth by 27%.

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How one coastal plains aggregator leveraged Agrisource Data Intelligent sensors to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve water usage efficiency across the region.

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