Improving the Agriculture Supply Chain

The need for multi-layer intelligence extends beyond pre-season, in-season, and harvest operations and is vital to ensuring the health of the entire food supply chain. According to the National Resources Defense Council, getting food from the farm to the table consumes 10% of the United States’ total energy budget, but nearly half of that food goes uneaten.* The use of data to improve farm-level operations and increase production solves only part of the problem. Without the same careful application of multi-layered insights, losses in post-harvest packing, processing, and distribution remain, but can be solved with the right level of visibility into variables such as yield potential, harvest timing, storage requirements, and transportation. Agrisource Data solutions help agribusiness companies eliminate these supply chain inefficiencies, limit operational risk, and maintain food quality and safety during transportation, processing, and storage, so that more food reaches more consumers.


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