Increasing Food and Water Security
for Countries Around the World

With over one-third of the world’s population facing either physical or economic water scarcity, and over 10% facing food scarcity, national governments around the world face the very real challenge of feeding and ensuring clean water for their people. An inability to monitor water quality and availability has far reaching impacts on public health and national security. Similarly, food and water security are major stabilizing forces and their unbalance can have severe consequences on a government or political system. Issues with food quality and safety can degrade a government’s brand reputation and have a significant impact on the country’s ability to trade and spur economic diversity. Continued population growth means that without a comprehensive solution to ensure food and water safety and security, the problem will only get bigger.

By generating detailed insights into individual farming operations and dynamic regional environments, Agrisource Data solutions provide critical insight into the practices, successes, and shortfalls of agriculture management within a geographic area and help government and regulatory organizations increase food and water security and create and protect brand reputation for food quality and safety. Globally, technology such as ours can spur economic growth by raising farm revenue as much as 18% and help governments demonstrate sustainable resource usage and social responsibility to preserve and enhance trade opportunities.

Would you spend $4/acre to make an incremental $2,400/acre? Every year?
One of our clients did. Ask us how.

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