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As worldwide demand for food and animal protein increases, today’s producers and growers face multiple challenges when it comes to improving the efficiency, sustainability, and productivity of their operations. Farm managers need to know not only the potential of a parcel of farmland, or a particular crop’s yield, they also need insight into the capabilities of their workforce and their farm equipment— how many and how long the different tasks will require. And they now have a way to take advantage of significant innovation.  The recent advances of combining new methods of applying science and technology with things that already exist, such as soil moisture sensors, micro-weather stations, pest sensors, or harvester equipment, there is now the capability to garner new insights, predictions, and even prescribe new and different actions.

Agrisource Data solutions integrate data from multiple places – such as sensors in fields, cameras producing high definition and/or multi-spectral images – and utilizes proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) to best understand what has happened, what is happening, and what could and/or should happen in the near future.  This can drive automation. Or just alert and inform the proper people.
Either way, how farming his done, can now change.


Driving ever higher quantity with quality is what we strive for every day.  By combining data from sensors that tell soil moisture, temperature of plant leaves, soil nutrient levels, in-field cameras that can ‘see’ diseases or pests, and satellite and/or drone imagery that deliver macro-views and weather data, our Ag-Clarity platform can make sense of it all, providing insight into water, soil, and crop dynamics across an entire operation.  Tell you when and where to apply precise amounts of action; to irrigate; to fertilize; to spray pesticide; or to leave things alone and enjoy.

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Clean water is critical to the health of poultry and can help improve resistance to disease, fatigue, and encourage greater growth. While many options exist to filter water, Agrisource Data ClairifyPoultry™ disinfection media is new technology that works by attracting electrons at a high rate from passing microorganisms in the water. By removing these microorganisms before they reach your birds, the overall health of the flock can be significantly improved resulting in a lower mortality rate and increased average weight per bird.

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Any viable solution to meet the rising demand for animal protein must look beyond simple production gains and have a meaningful impact on both animal welfare and the environment. Our solutions for livestock track the health, welfare, and productivity of individual animals, provide early insight into disease, and deliver per-animal productivity analysis for more precise forecasting. From 3D  imaging technology to solutions that monitor and improve feeding efficiency, our approach is humane, sustainable, and cost-effective.

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Our solutions led to a 50% increase in potato yield. Ask us how.

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